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Void Acoustics 

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Airten V2 

The Airten V2 was developed as a smaller member of our highly acclaimed Air Series. The latest acoustic advancements were employed to create a system capable of ground breaking output levels with unparalleled visual inspiration. Improvements have been made in all areas with the latest 3 way V2 version of the Airten. These include a dual driver LF configuration for greater bass extension and a coax point source element for the mid and HF. 
Recommended amplifier: Bias VQ 

Air Vantage 

Providing high levels of efficiency with point source accuracy, the Air Vantage has been designed to deliver a wide and even coverage within its stated dispersion angles. This allows DJs the freedom to move anywhere in the booth whilst continuing to experience even and balanced reproduction. 
The Air Vantage is two way with a passive crossover. 
Recommended Amplifier: Bias V3 

Air Motion V2 

The revolutionary Air Motion sculpted loudspeaker array sets an entirely new standard in audio aesthetics. Never before has so much style and performance been brought together in perfect harmony. Air Motion comprises three transducers, each loaded by an isometric conical horn. For a long time designers have known about the excellent inherent sound quality of the conical horn. Its propagation is based on the spheroid section and allows for solid radiation angles. The benefits are twofold: (1) Tight beamwidth control is possible, giving higher output and a more defined sound quality due to a decrease in early reflections, and (2) Constant directivity is possible across the horn's entire dispersion, allowing for an exceptionally balanced waveform transmission. The short version is that the end-result is astonishing! 
Recommended Amplifier: Bias V3 

Tri Motion 

The design owes its existence to those who wanted a more compact and daring version of the Air Motion. The call for even higher SPL’s and more diversified looks were top of the list when it came to creating the Tri Motion. The rethink on form has also allowed for a wider horizontal dispersion with asymmetrical vertical pattern control, giving even more coverage and reducing early reflections from ceilings to provide higher fidelity. 
Tri Motions extra horsepower has been made possible by a larger transducer for the lower frequencies and more efficient mid hi sections with greater power handling. A 15” driver has been implemented to cover from 500Hz and below, allowing more SPL and a lower crossover point into the bass range. The mid section features a super efficient horn loaded 8” driver with a high compression ratio and asymmetric loading for pattern control, whilst the HF makes use of diffraction slot loading to provide wide and even coverage in the horizontal plane. 
Recommended Amplifier: Bias V3 

Stasys 218 

Stasys 218 bass speaker. Enter the Stasys 218, a low frequency enclosure build around traditional principles but designed with Stasys philosophy and attention to detail. 
In an ever changing financial climate the search for cost effective solutions becomes paramount. Many compromise and turn to more traditional designs to avoid breaking the bank, but traditional doesn’t always have to mean compromise. Enter the Stasys 218, a low frequency enclosure build around traditional principles but designed with Stasys philosophy and attention to detail. 
To abstract the maximum performance from the design the heart of the 218’s enclosure was subjected to the same resonance mapping procedures as all other Stasys low frequency models. This practice has dictated the type of materials used around the enclosure, optimised the brace positioning and minimised destructive nodal conditions. All of this adds up to a structurally superior housing with minimum mass, the least possible amount of cabinet born coloration and vastly increased output. 
Transducer selection and integration is also critical when it comes to reflex enclosure design, so months of comparative testing and evaluation led to the birth of a new 18” transducer for the Stasys 218. The sonic properties of differing cone and surround combinations were studied as well as differing coil topographies. Flux intensities and out of band abnormalities were also manipulated until the perfect combination was achieved and our ears were happy. 
Recommended amplifier: Bias V9 

Stasys X V2 

Very high output touring bass 
Stasys X sets a new standard in the performance possible from a double 18” low frequency enclosure. It has been used on tours, in live venues, and in world-class night venues all around the world since its introduction 5 years ago. But the time has come to move on and use the latest technologies to advance and refine the design further. 
Recommended amplifier: Bias V9 

Stasys 2 

Touring stage monitor 
The Stasys 2 is the ideal solution for small to medium size system operators. Equipped with multiple flying points and suitable for use as a foldback monitor, fill speaker, or as a Front of House system in smaller venues. The Stasys 2's high output power and smooth, natural sound quality produce sonic results that are rarely found from such compact dimensions. 
Recommended Amplifier: Bias V3 

Stasys 4 

Versatile enclosure 
The Stasys 4 is versatile enclosure designed to function in more than one role. Equipped with multiple fly points, it is equally at home as a foldback monitor on a large tour, as it is when used for a Front of House application in a smaller venue. The Stasys 4 uses a 1.5" compression driver on a conical waveguide coupled with a very robust 15" woofer. 
Recommended Amplifier: Bias V3 
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